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Fruitless or Fruitful?

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to try out one of Ferriss’ suggestions. Granted I’m not following his whole diet, but in light of my recent post on sugar, his suggestion to cut out fruit has got me thinking.  I don’t think that all sugar is bad. But I do believe highly processed foods are extremely detrimental to our health, and most sugar is highly processed. I don’t believe that fruit falls into the “highly processed” category by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel like shaking my eating habits up a bit!

I guess this means no more sparkly apples eh?

In general, I’m careful about my processed sugar consumption.  I find that cutting back on processed sugars keeps me from craving food like crazy, and more importantly it significantly reduces the amount of joint pain and stiffness I experience on a daily basis. Along this line, I rarely consume sugar substitutes, simply put, I don’t like the amount of processing that goes into them, and I want to moderate my sugar tolerance. Natural sugars taste a lot sweeter when your taste buds aren’t constantly assailed by artificially sweetened foods!

I’m not really sure what I’m expecting from this experiment… I’m headed to Orlando next Saturday and I’m not sure how realistic it will be to keep this up while being away from the comforts of home when my diet is already so restricted.
Will one week produce any tangible results? I think it’s unlikely but who knows? At the very least I will be eating more vegetables (since I will focus on keeping my macros the same), testing the boundaries of my self-control, and forcing myself to be more creative with my food choices! It’s going to be an interesting week… especially considering my parents just bought a bunch of fresh fruit this afternoon…

Tomorrow? Looks like it’s going to be  a continuation of this theme, I’ll be blogging about cold therapy (which Ferriss talks about in his book) and blood glucose testing.

Do you have a favourite natural sweetener?
I love both the unique taste and sweetness of real maple syrup!


About esmemerrie

I am a 23 year old, newly graduated with a BscN. I am passionate about change. In myself or in others, I believe that there is always room for improvement and I never want to become complacent. Even still, there is nothing more valuable then celebrating, finding delight in even the simplest moments, the smallest accomplishments. I never have enough time for my hobbies, whether it's sports/working out, reading, cooking, volunteering, thrifting, playing piano, singing or hanging out with my family and friends I sometimes find it hard to fit it all in. But really, who doesn't? At the end of the day, I want to be the type of woman, Christian, friend, nurse, athlete, cook... the type of person who never settles and always inspires those around her. I want to be real, honest and faithful. Be the person that leaves them wishing.

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  1. I’m really interested to hear what happens! I’ve been wondering about my excessive intake of things like fruit and stevia… (and diet coke… haha) and I wonder if it makes other things not taste as good. Maybe I need to “reset” my tastebuds?

    • My personal trainer went to a (in his words “very biased”) seminar on stevia, and they touched on the idea that even a gram a day will slowly build up in your system and cause unknown harmful side effects. duhn duhn duhn. I definitely miss the sweet a whole lot! Even having some fruit would be so nice right now! But after less than three days I’m already noticing things like carrots and almonds tasting sweeter, it’s tough but really interesting! I think after this week I might just focus on having a maximum of two servings of fruit a day. We shall see!


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